Policy Priorities for American Muslims:
Highlights from NAMPC 2024


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Earlier this month, MPAC proudly co-hosted the 2024 National American Muslim Policy Conference (NAMPC) in Washington, D.C., along with other leading civil society organizations. Powered by the Community Collaborative Initiative—a community-based action research project powered by Indiana University’s Lilly School of Philanthropy—five organizations came together to present the challenges faced by American Muslims and to explore how our communities can effectively address these issues.
Watch the 2024 National American Muslim Policy Conference Panels Here
MPAC, Emgage Action, the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU), American Muslim Health Professionals (AMHP), and the Muslim Civic Coalition convened policymakers, community leaders, and subject matter experts to address the pressing policy priorities and challenges facing American Muslim communities. The conference addressed challenges such as rising Islamophobia, foreign policy, human rights, mental health, and the urgent need to elect leaders that truly represent the needs of our community. These conversations are especially significant against the backdrop of the ongoing genocide in Gaza, where Palestinians are facing severe human rights abuses, including violence, displacement, and famine. The brutal reality of life in Gaza underscores the importance of advocating for policies that promote a standard for upholding human dignity, justice, and the right to self-determination.

The collective insights and collaborative spirit demonstrated during the event have laid the groundwork for impactful policy advocacy and community empowerment, reinforcing our commitment to standing with oppressed communities worldwide. By addressing these issues head-on, we are not only advocating for the rights of American Muslims but also amplifying the voices of Palestinians and all others who suffer under oppressive regimes and systemic injustice.
The panel discussions covered critical topics, including:The Muslim Vote, Elections 2024: What is at Stake?Islamophobia and Protecting Our Communities During a Time of PolarizationU.S. Foreign Policy and Human Rights: A Call for ConsistencyMental Health, Humanitarian, and Healthcare CrisisIn conversation with Congressman Ro Khanna (CA-17), former State Department official, Josh Paul, Executive Director of Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU), Tuqa Nusairat, and Emgage CEO, Wa’el Alzayat, I led a discussion on alternative approaches to our flawed U.S. foreign policy agenda, exploring how these changes could help the United States reclaim its role as a democratic world leader committed to justice, human rights, and equality for all. Our distinguished speakers provided invaluable insights and actionable strategies to address these challenges. The discussion emphasized the importance of informed participation in the upcoming 2024 elections, and the critical role of the Muslim vote in shaping our nation’s future.  As we approach the elections, it is crucial to set policy priorities that align with the needs of American Muslims. Our community’s voices must be heard and represented in the policymaking process.
“President Biden, Members of Congress, and state-level officials must hear our voices. They need to know what it takes to secure our votes and support. This conference was a unique opportunity for our community. By coming together, we can harness the power of our collective voice to make a significant impact. It is our chance to unite and use the momentum of the upcoming elections to drive profound and lasting change for American Muslims.”– Salam Al-Marayati,
President and Co-Founder, Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC)
Political participation and civic involvement are essential to achieving these changes. By engaging in the political process, voting, and participating in civic activities, we ensure that our voices are heard and our concerns addressed. Active involvement enables us to influence policy, advocate for our rights, and contribute to the betterment of our communities and country.The urgency for policy changes that reflect our community’s needs is more urgent than ever. We invite you to watch the conference playlist to stay informed as we approach the 2024 elections and encourage you to remain engaged in your communities to ensure our collective efforts lead to tangible outcomes.

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