MESTO International Orchestra

 MESTO International Orchestra

The MESTO International Orchestra, led by Maestro Dr. Nabil Azzam, recently held a concert at the Broad Theater in Santa Monica, California, on September 16, 2023. The event witnessed a large turnout, with members from the Arab community and other diverse groups in attendance. The orchestra, comprising over 50 musicians from various nationalities, is renowned for its portrayal of authentic Arabic art and songs. This concert showcased several artistic performances, including classical Arabic music and songs by artists like Mariam Kubursi, Nasri Atwah, Nisreen Hajaj, and Fahd Shaaban and his children.

During the event, Dr. Raymond Jellow lauded the orchestra for its accomplishments and its pivotal role in promoting genuine Arab musical and artistic culture globally. Attendees were treated to a splendid array of Arab and international song selections and classics, and the ceremony saw the presence of several prominent figures from the Arab communities in Los Angeles. Maestro Nabil Azzam emphasized that “music is the language of the world” and that the orchestra’s purpose is not only to introduce the world to Arab civilization and history but also to unite musicians of diverse backgrounds through their shared passion for music.

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