Long Beach City Council passes proclamation supporting ceasefire in Gaza

By: Fatmeh Bakhit | Alenteshar Newspaper
December 20, 2023

In an exemplary demonstration of municipal governance interfacing with international geopolitical dynamics, the Long Beach City Council has formally adopted a declaration supporting a perpetual ceasefire in the Gaza conflict. This endorsement aligns Long Beach with other Californian cities actively engaging in global peace initiatives.

Contextual Analysis of the Council’s Decision

The Council’s resolution, which passed with a 5-2 majority, culminated from a protracted and robust public deliberation, spanning over three hours and involving the participation of nearly 200 citizens. The dissenting votes by Council members Kristina Duggan and Daryl Supernaw underscored a division within the council regarding the appropriateness and scope of local government bodies in addressing issues of international import.

Critical Examination of the Proclamation

Authored by Council members Joni Ricks-Oddie, Roberto Uranga, and Al Austin, the proclamation delineates Long Beach’s commitment to principles of peace, unity, respect, and understanding. It recognizes the humanitarian plight in Gaza, denounces the assaults on Israel, and supports both the Palestinian aspiration for self-governance and Israel’s right to defend itself. Moreover, the document advocates for a comprehensive humanitarian ceasefire, the liberation of captives, and the facilitation of essential aid to Gaza.

Community Mobilization and Advocacy

This resolution was preceded by significant community advocacy, particularly by Long Beach Community United for Peace, a coalition comprising diverse ethnic and religious entities. Their petition, which garnered around 2,000 signatures, emphasized the local community’s vested interest in this international concern. The city’s Equity and Human Relations Commission also endorsed the proclamation, highlighting its congruence with broader objectives of human rights and equity.

The Complexities of Local Engagement in Global Matters

The Council’s involvement in the Gaza conflict epitomizes an emergent trend among local governments to address global issues, acknowledging the intricate interplay between local and global communities. Nonetheless, this approach also provokes critical inquiry into the extent and effectiveness of local government intervention in multifaceted international conflicts.


The Long Beach City Council’s declaration marks a noteworthy venture into international advocacy by a municipal entity. It underscores the potential influence of local governments in contributing to global discourses on peace and human rights, while also presenting a nuanced exploration of the challenges and implications inherent in such engagements. As municipalities like Long Beach navigate these complex dynamics, they are shaping a progressive narrative about the role of local governance in confronting global humanitarian and political challenges

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