Ethnic Media 2023 Awards

 Ethnic Media 2023 Awards

On August 31, ethnic media representatives from throughout California converged in Sacramento for the 2023 Ethnic Media Expo & Awards. The event celebrated exceptional journalism within the ethnic media sector and facilitated discussions between media professionals and state leaders. Sandy Close, EMS Executive Director, praised the industry’s timely response and emphasized the ongoing need for dialogue with state capital leaders. Co-hosted by EMS and California Black Media, the event also highlighted the necessity of ethnic media’s presence in influential discussions. Regina Brown Wilson, CBM Executive Director, stressed the sector’s role in fostering inclusive communications. The event underscored the importance of ethnic media in planning and executing communication campaigns at both state and local levels. Distinguished speakers and panelists, including Secretary of State Shirley Weber, Government Operations Secretary Amy Tong, and Transportation Secretary Toks Omishakin, participated in the day’s agenda.

The 2023 California Ethnic Media Awards witnessed an unprecedented turnout, with nearly 300 entries spanning print, broadcast, and both English and in-language outlets throughout California. A diverse panel of 26 judges, expertly chosen for their cultural and linguistic proficiency, evaluated these entries. This panel encompassed journalism professors, writers, editors, researchers, and policymakers from all over the state. Feedback on the submissions included high praises like “original,” “extremely unique,” “a critical examination,” and “comprehensive.” Further insights and testimonials from the judges can be viewed at, where a comprehensive list of finalists is also provided.

CA State Controller Malia M. Cohen graced the awards segment with an unscheduled speech that underscored the significance of ethnic media in bridging societal divides. She passionately addressed the audience, emphasizing how ethnic media provides a platform for voices that often go unheard. Cohen’s profound statement, “If ethic media is not paying attention, mainstream media is not paying attention,” resonated deeply, eliciting robust applause from the audience.

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